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About USITT National

USITT Chesapeake is one of 19 regional sections of the National Organization of USITT. There are three Canadian regional sections and the remaining are located across the United States. The regional sections exist to help bring the National’s mission to a more local and centralized membership base.

USITT National’s Mission (copied from their website) is to actively promote the advancement of the knowledge and skills of those involved in the design, management, and technical areas of the performing arts and entertainment industry. It is governed by a volunteer executive structure that is elected on a rotating basis. There are numerous committees that work to make up the core of the work that USITT does for the membership.  

USITT National provides awards and recognitions, grants & fellowships in addition to the annual conference and stage expo.

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Please note that at this time, membership in National and the local regional sections are separate. See the membership page for more information.


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